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  • [news] Gruppo ARRUDA launches ecommerce ARRUDA & NAPPI™ Coffees

    [news] Gruppo ARRUDA launches ecommerce ARRUDA & NAPPI™ Coffees

    The launch of the new ecommerce ARRUDA & NAPPI™ Coffees will support the sales of high quality coffees in Europe.
  • Pedra Elefantina Specialty Coffee 86.5 points (limited edition, in bottle, 200g specialty coffee beans)

    [news] ARRUDA & NAPPI™ launches the Specialty Coffee Pedra Elefantina 86.5 points

    The European launch of the award winning specialty coffee Pedra Elefantina 86.5 points helps Gruppo ARRUDA to position itself with an unique offer of outstanding coffees, bringing the excellence directly from those who plant, harvest and roast.
  • Unlocking the Perfect Roast: The Fascinating Science Behind Specialty Coffee Roasting

    Die perfekte Röstung erschließen: Die faszinierende Wissenschaft hinter dem Rösten von Spezialkaffee

    Roasting is an important part of a large quantity of processes involved in making your loved coffee available to you! Read here about some key aspects of the roasting process and its key stages: from drying, browning to the first and second cracks.
  • Methods to Prepare Your Coffee

    Methoden zur Zubereitung Ihres Kaffees

    Do you know what are the main methods to prepare your coffee? Get to know each method and their main characteristics.
  • What is Specialty Coffee?

    Was ist Spezialitätenkaffee?

    Do you know what is a Specialty Coffee? Why is this such a special beverage? Get the main insights about this loved drink.
  • The Unique Taste of Brazilian Specialty Coffee: A Sensory Experience

    Der einzigartige Geschmack brasilianischen Spezialitätenkaffees: Ein sensorisches Erlebnis

    Specialty coffees from Brazil have unique sensory notes. What are their main olfactory and tasting notes? Discover here dive into a rich experience through high quality coffees.