[news] ARRUDA & NAPPI™ launches the Specialty Coffee Pedra Elefantina 86.5 points

Pedra Elefantina Specialty Coffee 86.5 points (limited edition, in bottle, 200g specialty coffee beans)


08 May 2024, Alba, Italy – ARRUDA & NAPPI™ launches in the European market an outstanding Specialty Coffee prepared in a limited microlot: the PEDRA ELEFANTINA 86.5 points.

This specialty was awarded with the 1st Place at the coffee contest “Festa do Café 2022”. It is an Arabica coffee of the Catucaí 785-15 variety, certified by the “Institution of Matas de Minas”, the independent certifying body that executed the standardized cup score.

At nose, this coffee presents notes of dulche de leche and caramel syrup. At taste, it shows notes of caramel and honey. It includes a sweet finish, a milky acidity, and a dense body.

As for the processing, this coffee is pulped natural (“Cereja Descascada”, a highly appreciated Brazilian processing). These coffee beans were harvested from plants situated at a maximum altitude of 750m at Pedra Elefantina’s farms, in the Matas de Minas sub-region.

This specialty coffee presents the elegance and complexity of an award-winning beverage, prepared for the strictest palates.


Owned by Gruppo ARRUDA, a family business based in Alba, Italy, ARRUDA & NAPPI™ is a trademark that consolidates the tradition of the “Toledo Arruda” and “Nappi” families in the coffee business with a history that started with coffee plantations over 130 years ago in Brazil. ARRUDA & NAPPI™ Coffees focuses on both Specialty Coffee and Gourmet Coffee of excellence, all single origin from Pedra Elefantina’s farms in the area of Matas de Minas, Brazil. A key distinctive feature of ARRUDA & NAPPI™ is its unique positioning to offer the excellence that comes directly from those who plant, harvest and roast the coffee, therefore controlling 100% of the processes while bringing to the market a tradition that encompasses 6 generations.


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