Elegant and Exclusive

Pedra Elefantina is a specialty coffee 100% produced (from planting to roasting and packing) by the same family in Brazil, and distributed in Europe by a partner company, Gruppo ARRUDA, based in Italy.

It is an exclusive coffee, limited in few microlots and prepared for strict palates, for those who want to embark on a sensorial journey taken by a very fine beverage.


Our coffees are harvested, sun-dried and processed on the cool, high hills of Matas de Minas, a sub-region in the southeastern Brazil, land of the best terroir and climate in the world for coffee.

It is carefully selected from the Pedra Elefantina's farms, from singular varieties of Arabica coffee (such as Bourbon and Catucaí, for example) and from the best terroirs to then be transformed into singular, exclusive and the most loved Specialty and Gourmet Coffees.

Like a Wine of Excellence

Just like exceptional wines, a Specialty Coffee is also subject to different olfactory and tasting notes that change according to the microlot, each with a single variety of the Arabica coffee chosen, from a single terroir, specific washing, drying, vintage, and careful selection of the beans.

That's what makes it unique, of phenomenal taste and, quite literally, a Specialty.

We Let the Soil Speak

We don't blend coffee to make it standardized. We work to enhance the naturally intrinsic flavors and fragrances of each specific variety of Arabica coffee from our plantations through an exceptional mix of terroir, climate, plantation care, a unique selection of beans, processing and a perfect roasting.

Independent Certification

Our Specialty Coffee is formally evaluated and ranked by the independent and recognized institution "Região das Matas de Minas".

We believe in transparency and a much important independent evaluation. This is the reason why we don't rank and provide cup scores ourselves for our own coffees!