Loving Coffee for 6 Generations

ARRUDA & NAPPI is a trademark by Gruppo ARRUDA. The company is led by Ana Paula Nappi Arruda, PhD.

We envision coffee as much more than one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Coffee is an experience, a way of life. Coffee is part of memorable moments and is the essence of a cozy, warm and delightful environment.

Our Family History in Coffee

Coffee started in our family over 130 years ago with plantations of our beloved “green gold”.

Our Toledo Arruda family started planting coffee in the late 1800’s. The Toledo branch, descendant from D. Juan de Toledo Pisa*, settled in the area of the city of Jaú (SP), Southeast Brazil, in 1853 when Beraldo José de Toledo and his wife arrived in the region leading a caravan of 140 people. There, they acquired vast lands and transformed them into innumerous farms that were owned by a long descendancy. Some of these farms such as “Independência” and “Santa Emilia”, respectively owned by José Pereira Pinto de Toledo and his son, Col. José Izidro Pereira de Toledo, were used to produce the once called “green gold”. Just as the Toledo's, the Arruda's (these of Portuguese origin) were also dedicated to coffee. “Sinhô” Fernando de Campos Arruda had deep knowledge in the management of coffee plantation and owned another farm in the area, called “Santo Antônio”. Merged by marriages, the Toledo Arruda’s were protagonists in transforming the town and the area of Jaú into the very largest economic engine of coffee production in the world during the early 20th century.

In the State of Santa Catarina, South region of Brazil, at the same moment in the first half of the 20th century, Francesco Nappo and his wife, Josefina Pagani, were consolidating their succesfull businesses in the city of Florianopolis. They met themselves in the ship while traveling from Italy to Brazil. He was from the metropolitan area of Napoli while she was crossing the Atlantic with her family, from Bergamo. In Brazil, they established the now known Nappi family and were responsible for different businesses, among which the trade and export of coffee.

The Arruda and Nappi families now work together to bring exclusive and most importantly, truly authentic coffee to you.


* D. Juan de Toledo Pisa was from the House of Alvarez de Toledo, Alba de Tormes of Spain, and served the Spanish Crown as Governor in Mexico. His descendants had innumerous positions in different places. One, D. Simão de Toledo Pisa, went from the Açores islands to Brazil, then a Colony of Portugal, where he settled and established his branch of the Toledo family.

Where Our Coffees Come From

Pedra Elefantina Specialty Coffee and ARRUDA & NAPPI Gourmet Coffee have origin at the same farms in the Matas de Minas region, Brazil. They are planted, harvested, washed, dried, roasted and packed by the same team. In this ecosystem, the social, economical and environmental responsibilities are not a speech, but are part of a reality that comes from the tradition of people who plant coffee for generations.

The farms are located close to the Pedra Elefantina mountain, the second largest granit massif in the world. It is part of the famous coffee region named "Matas de Minas", place of one of the very best terroirs and microclimates for coffee plantations in the world. Its altitude ranges between approximately 700m and 1150m above sea level and has a topography perfect for the coffee plants. During the day, the sun heats up the air to moderate temperatures that helps maturing the coffee beans, while at night, the cold air slips through the hills providing the perfect temperature drop while not concentrating itself excessively on the plant base.

This mix of terroir, topography and microclimate together with the long standing experience in coffee plantation, processing and roasting produces the very best coffees in the world.

Independent Certification

The Specialty Coffees are also quality-certified by the independent institution of "Regiao das Matas de Minas". Our specialty coffees are completely different from others. The cup score as well as the full evaluation of the coffee microlot including olfactory and tasting notes are not provided by ourselves, but by "Regiao das Matas de Minas".

Next time you buy a specialty coffee, check the company and the evaluation. Does it come from the coffee brand itself based on an "auto-evaluation" or does it come from an independent certifying body?

And finally, remember. We are not simply roasters. Our coffees come from the same people who do it ALL: from planting, harvesting, processing, roasting and packing!

Our Brand

Our brand and visual identity reflect our origins and what we do.

The logo incorporates a modern interpretation of the Coat of Arms of the House of Alvarez de Toledo from where our Toledo family has its origins, in Spain. Inside, it contains the letters "A" and "N" to highlight our brand name ARRUDA & NAPPI, and includes the representation of coffee leaves and its fruits on both sides.

We are proud to showcase the exceptional work of our esteemed partner, Piná Criação, who crafted the logo that represents our brand identity. With their expertise and creativity, they have brought our vision to life, embodying the essence of our brand in the design.


The value of memory

The personal historic carriage of the Nappi family was donated to the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina (IFSC) whose main buildings were built on one of the family's former properties.

IFSC is linked to the Federal University of Santa Catarina, located in Florianópolis, Brazil, one of the most important academic research centers in South America.

Our Promise


    Being 100% Arabica is not enough!

    ALL our coffees are SINGLE ORIGIN and individualized by the specific VINTAGE / HARVEST.


    We let the soil to speak by working to enhance the naturally intrinsic characteristics of each lot. The lots vary in their own olfactory and tasting notes, allowing you to immerse on a sensorial experience that is unique and exclusive of that specific year.

  • 3. WE DO FROM "A" TO "Z"

    We are a family business with +130 years of tradition in coffee. We are not roasting coffee from third parties. Our coffees are planted, harvested, processed, roasted and packed all by the same staff, caring to deliver an outstanding product to you.